ISO 9001:2015

Phimeca has engaged in a process of continuous improvement and obtained the ISO Certification 9001:2015. This way, we can better optimise your systems and equipment and bring finer solutions to your challenges!


As part of its quality approach, and as a supplier of its historical partner EDF, Phimeca own the UTO Certification.


Confidentiality is a key element in Phimeca’s business activities. The Phimechanics are dead set on protecting our customers’ professional secrecy and on ensuring the security of their data.


Datadock is a unique database on training from a quality perspective. As a training centre, Phimeca is a Datadock company that complies with the 6 quality criteria required to obtain this certification.


The CIR (research tax credit) is a generic measure to support business research and development activities, with no sector or size restrictions. As Phimeca is heavily involved in the fields of innovation and research, it benefits from the CIR.